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Behind the Scenes:

The personnel and physical changes in the building are pretty easy ones to recognize. However, at the same time, fantastic changes are taking place "behind the scenes" to better offer you and your pets extremely high quality medicine with the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Some of the tools we use to offer this high quality include:

Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgical Equipment:   Now offering our patients minimally invasive procedures with our laparoscopic and endoscopic services.  Surgeries such as a dog spay, Gastropexy (or Stomach Tacking), Cryptorchid Neuter, Liver Biopsies, and Abdominal Exploratories can now be performed with two small incisions with little to no recovery time with our Laparoscopic equipment.  In addition, Gastric Foreign Bodies and GI Tract sampling can now be performed with our Flexible Endoscope with no abdominal surgery required.  This allows us to offer our patients the best standard of care with surgeries while causing little to no pain for your pet.  

Blood machines: Our in-house equipment offers a five-part differential CBC, pre-surgical and comprehensive blood chemistry, blood clotting profile as well as thyroid monitoring.  Most bloodwork is able to be done in about 20 minutes!

Dental Machine: It has a high speed drill with fiberoptic light, ultrasonic scaler, polisher and an air and water "gun". We are very excited about this machine that we use almost daily.

Radiographs: We are able to take radiographs of your pet right here in the clinic, and use our Digital processor to view them in moments.  This is a vital tool for any veterinarian.

Radiosurgery unit: This is a surgical tool that uses high frequency radio waves to offer a precision cut with minimal tissue trauma and therefore maximum healing. (This works similar to a cautery or laser unit  that you may have heard of before.)

Vital Signs Monitor: All pets under anesthesia are monitored by this important piece of equipment. Information collected by it include: a continuous EKG, core body temperature, blood oxygenation percentage, heart rate and respiratory rate.

TonoVet: This is used to measure the pressure in the eye of your pet. It can help us to identify glaucoma (high pressure in the eye), or other disease that cause pressure changes. It also helps us to monitor the effectiveness of some treatments.

PanOptic: This optic viewer allows us to see a wider area inside of your pet's eye as opposed to the traditional ophthalmoscope. With a better view we are able to make more accurate diagnoses, especially with subtle changes.

Doppler Blood Pressure Monitor: We can measure your pet's blood pressure easily and painlessly. This is important for the health of your whole pet, but especially for the heart and kidneys.

"Hot Dog" Warming System: This state-of-the-art warming system allows us to very safely maintain the body temperature of anesthetized, sick or debilitated patients.

The i-Warm™ IV Fluid Warmer:  Safely infuse fluids at body temperature rather than room temperature to reduce the risk of hypothermia.


New patients receive a FREE dose of Heartworm prevention during their First visit for wellness care when they mention this ad on the day of the appointment and Heartworm test is current.


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